#caroline being a cutie while trying to run in her dress.

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            Honor your partner. Stay focus, right hand around. Flirt with your eyes.
There’s no touching during this part. It’s about the simple intimacy of the near touch.

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"Because in the end, when you lose somebody every candle, every prayer is not gonna make up the fact that the only thing that you have left is a hole in your life instead of that somebody you cared about use to be. And a rock. With a birthday date on it, I’m pretty sure it’s wrong."

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the vampire diaries relationships

↳Matt and Rebekah ♔ “I’m going to show you life as you’ve only dreamt it. We’ll start in Italy. There’s a lovely little church outside San Vittore in Brienno. And then I’ll show you The Northern Lights in the springtime, The Simatai Gorge from atop The Great Wall of China, every inch of The Louvre. China, Paris, Northern Lights…it’s a date.” 

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Bonnie Bennett meme:
Having none of your shit

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"Steferine + Pastels" requested by anon

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The Vampire Diaries - Bite Back Trailer [x]

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Promo [x]

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